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You don’t have to be an editor to be a writer

You don’t have to be brilliant at writing to write a great novel.

You don’t!

Several authors are fantastic at building a story arc, creating gripping plot lines with believable characters, but are not so hot at sentence construction or grammar.

And that’s okay – because there are people out there who can help you.

From the developmental editor, who will steer you in the right direction when it comes to plotting your book, to the copy editor who cleans up spelling and grammar, there is a wealth of experts out there who are on your side, and just as invested in your book as you are.

I recently edited a really gripping book. The author knew her story was good (and it really is) but wanted the grammar and punctuation cleaned up.

I spent a little time reading through and made the phrasing more rhythmic, deleted repetition, sorted out the punctuation and basically made it cleaner and smoother – but retained both the author’s voice and the pacing of the story.
So many people have great ideas for a story but think they can’t write; they’re no good at it.

Just have a go! Sit down and type without looking at what you’re writing.

Dictate your copy out loud into a speech-to-text app.

It’s such an achievement just getting your story down on paper.

Read it through; get a friend to read it through. Does it have potential? Could it become a real book? Will it have readers laughing, crying or hiding behind the sofa?

Then consider getting a professional on board to whip it into shape and, voila, you have a manuscript.

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