You can take up services separately or together as a package.

The costs below are for separate services – for package deals, get in touch for more information.

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Book Coaching

Do you want to share your industry expertise but are not quite sure how to go about it? Or would you like to record your family stories for posterity?

Perhaps you’re struggling with motivation or experiencing writer’s block. Or maybe you’re finding it hard to prioritise your writing.

My coaching service is your pathway to a finished book.
First we’ll talk about your book idea to help you direct its arc and understand its target audience.

I can meet you face-to-face or online for one-hour meetings to discuss where you’re up to and keep you on track with your writing.

As an experienced writer and editor, I treat this is a team effort, and will be your cheerleader throughout the process.

I want to give you the confidence to share your story and make your mark.

Book coaching consists of

  • A one- to two-hour online or face-to-face consultation to establish what kind of book you’d like to write, your creative goals, your publishing goals, a writing schedule, and any issues holding you back from writing – £30ph
  • Setting deadlines (these can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whatever suits your schedule and writing practice).
  • Providing feedback online or face-to-face to the agreed deadline schedule – £30ph
  • Copy assessment – £15 per 1500 words. (Payment can be made in instalments.)
  • Providing feedback, email confirmation of your writing targets and support through obstacles you face in your writing.

Developmental Editing

You’ve written your book. You are the proud owner of a final manuscript. But wait – this is just the first draft.

What you need now is professional and detailed feedback on your writing before you publish.

Does the flow work? Is there any extraneous and irrelevant detail? Are your ideas presented logically? Does your book answer any questions your readers might have? Is there information missing? Should chapters be moved around?

I provide big-picture feedback on your finished work, with constructive critiquing and suggestions for improvement – and praise for what works.

Developmental editing consists of

  • Feedback on your final entire manuscript in a full report and with margin notes in the manuscript itself. The read through makes sure that tone and language are right for the genre, that chapters are organised logically and that the structure works, that it delivers what readers will need/be expecting.

    No edits are made to the copy – just guidance for you to make changes.

    £15 per 1000 words. (Payment can be made in instalments.)

Copy Editing

If you’re happy with your manuscript flow and you think it works as a book that readers will love, the copy edit is your next step.

This is when I get down to the nitty gritty of making sure sentences are readable, that there are no grammatical errors, and that punctuation is on point.

Are names spelled consistently? Have you hyphenated words that shouldn’t be hyphenated? Have you misused homonyms?

I go through your copy with a fine-toothed comb and help you strike out those easily made but often overlooked errors.

Copy editing consists of

  • Making changes to the copy (using tracking in Word so you can see the changes made and reject or accept them), correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, awkward/clumsy sentence/paragraph structure; and ensuring style consistency.

    £0.007p to £0.03p per word, depending on complexity of copy. (Payment can be made in instalments.)

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