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My 2022

I’m not one for looking back – no regrets! – but now that Green Gables Editing has been up and running for three years I thought it was about time I completed a review of the past year.

And I’m glad I did. It reminded me of the lovely clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with, the diversity of projects I’ve worked on, the reason I launched Green Gables Editing* and how much I love my job.

In 2022, I:

🏠 Wrote news and features, sub edited and designed pages for the local newspaper;
🏠 Edited web copy and a yearbook for a global event organiser;
🏠 Edited brochure copy for a Scottish women’s charity;
🏠 Edited web copy for a newly launched consultancy firm;
🏠 Edited packaging copy for a chef;
🏠 Advised a first-time writer on how to structure her planned book;
🏠 Edited web copy for a financial advisor;
🏠 Edited a book on animation;
🏠 Wrote a Burns Night speech;
🏠 Performed a developmental edit on a self-publishing author’s opening chapter;
🏠 Provided an in-depth edit sample to a self-publishing author.

I also provided complimentary web copy edits and wrote press releases for a cancer charity, and voluntarily managed the social media platforms for a businesswomen’s networking group.

It has been an absolute blast, and I have loved every minute of it, thanks to the diversity of the projects and the sheer loveliness of my clients.

Thank you to them – I look forward to working with you again!

Looking ahead

And looking to the year ahead… I hope to have more of the same while also factoring in a couple of new services I’m currently working on. Hint, hint, no spoilers!

If 2022 was a nourishing and delicious meal, I’m thinking 2023 will be a veritable feast, with tantalising amuse-bouches, three savoury courses, a dessert with sparklers and a cheeseboard that I’ll insist I don’t have room for but will still nibble at as we continue chatting.


* Because I love a challenge. And, launching just as Covid hit, it’s a good job I do…

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