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I 💗 memoirs

I love working on memoirs.

Extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Well, the beauty of memoirs is that you discover there’s no such thing as an ordinary person.

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Camel case hashtags

What are camel case hashtags and why do people use them? Well, they aid accessibility and avoid embarrassing hashtag pitfalls…

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Isla aitting on a sofa with a cup of tea in one hand and a book about editing in the other, reading the book with a look of concentration

Why pay for an editor?

Why would you pay for an editor? Can I be flippant? Why would you pay for a lawyer, or estate agent, or graphic designer? You can use online forms to

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How to... self-edit text above an illustration of a hand holding a pen

How to self-edit

“I can’t afford an editor. That’s a luxury.” First-time writers planning to self-publish often think this, and it’s understandable. Professional editors come at a price and it might seem an

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AI in publishing

AI in publishing

Unsurprisingly, AI was a top theme at this year’s London Book Fair, with several talks on the subject. There is an understandable nervousness around the development of large language models

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blank notepad with pen, scrunched up pages scattered and a cup of black coffee

How to combat writer’s block

You’re facing a blank page and a ticking cursor – and possibly a deadline – but the words –– just –– won’t –– come. Writer’s block hits everyone at some

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pile of gold blocks with three carrots at base

How many carrots in a gold ring?

“Why is that gold ring a different colour from that gold ring?” asked my daughter. “Because they use different carat gold,” I replied. “Carrot gold?” said my daughter. “Yes, this

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escalators viewed from the bottom with a glass roof in the background showing dramatic height

That escalated quickly

Do you ever wonder where certain words come from? I’m constantly tripping over words in conversation, suddenly wondering, after years of not really giving them much thought, where they came

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comic strip style illustration of words "fan fiction" in bold red with whitened yellow yellow background

Fan fiction

Fan fiction – or fanfic – is a genre that’s been floating around on the edges of my consciousness for a while now, and it’s been quietly fascinating me. Is

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Close up of Isla of Green Gables Editing smiling at camera in 2022

My 2022

I’m not one for looking back – no regrets! – but now that Green Gables Editing has been up and running for three years I thought it was about time

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close up of text printed on paper that is circled and reads 'past, present, future

The Oxford comma

Hoo boy, now there’s a contentious subject. Raised as I was with English literature and writing, I was – until recently – a vehement opponent of the Oxford comma. And

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Close up of a kangaroo face looking into camera lens, enlarging look of nose!

Kangaroo words

Kangaroo words. Turns out they’re a thing. I discovered them relatively recently, and only because they’re an added fun fact in my daily puzzle page app. But now I dig

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Green Gables Editing owner Isla, sat happily working gat computer on wooden dinning table with windows in background in a calm, light environment

What does an editor do?

​What do editors do? It’s a fair question to ask, especially now we have things like acquisition editors, stream editors, life editors and even clothing editors… And there are very

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woman lounging on wooden char, holding book and smiling, background of lush green trees and shrubs

The staycation conundrum

I was really glad when the summer holidays were over, and I’m a bit nervous we’re now into the school half-term holiday… and here’s why. Every time someone misused the

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